To say that coronavirus has changed everything would be no understatement. There is no doubt that the world will never be the same and society’s norms will have considerably shifted once the pandemic is over and the lockdowns introduced across the globe end. Businesses need to be extra mindful with their marketing at the current time – but you must keep connecting with your customers!

It can be difficult for businesses to judge how best to manage marketing during this time of tumultuous tension. You need to keep the public informed of operations and whichever products or services are available without coming across as “salesy” or pushy. Arguably, however, now is a more important time than ever to keep communication open – so keep at it.

The following pointers can help you in mindful, considered marketing during this unprecedented period of time:

Stay Mindful of Moods

People are feeling fearful, anxious and upset. The coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone in different ways, and tensions are running high. You may find that people react negatively to some of your communications – if so, acknowledge your learning points and run with them. Don’t react aggressively and be respectful.

The way your audience reacts to you may be considerably different right now than it is normally; and you will need to handle reactions as they happen.

This Period is a Test

Now is the time to truly demonstrate your business’ values and what you stand for.

Many larger businesses have diverted from regular operations to focus on producing goods to support the fight on Covid. Many smaller businesses who are not in the situation to support the cause financially, have found other ways to demonstrate their support and maintain levels of positivity.

What could your business do to play its part during this challenging time?

Stay Human

Even if your business tone is usually extremely professional and academic, now’s the time to expose your human side.

There’s no need to go ‘full fluff’ with your messages, but keep relatable, and real. Doing this without compromising on integrity should come easily.

Keep Connecting with your Customers Regularly

If you already have social media and marketing content calendars, adjust them to fit what’s happening right now rather than just letting them run as usual. It’s still important to keep communications regular, and not to let your brand ‘go quiet’ – even if you’re unable to operate and function at present.

Continuing to work on external communications keeps your brand visible and front of mind. Communications can include updates on charitable and non-business activities as well as company ones, so don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Build a Community

Focus on how you can support, guide and help build the community within which you operate and serve.

Do not hike up prices or take advantage of the situation – it will only be perceived as bad business practice and in bad taste. Instead, work with those you can and increase your presence by indulging in good corporate social responsibility. Do what you can, with what you can, while you can – and encourage your customer base to do the same. Your customers, and your community, should be at the heart of everything you do.

Stay Positive!

Feel-good content is what we all need right now: reassurance is in sparse supply! Everyone is affected by marketing messages in a different way currently, and emotions are dipping up and down on a more-than-hourly basis.

Don’t ignore the severity of the current situation, but focus on the positive where you can. We all need a little positivity in our day.

Whatever you do: don’t stop communicating. Transparency and openness will be appreciated by your customers and honesty is key. Now proves an opportunity for you to be real, and pave the way for future integrity and veracity – both of which are great things to have associated with your brand!

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