Instagram Marketing for Success

Instagram Marketing for Success

Social media has become one of the most (if not THE most) effective way to market your business. Most people will now check out your social media channels before contacting your company to do business. It is therefore essential that you are harnessing the power of social media to promote your business, including Instagram marketing.

One of the newest social media platforms on the rise is Instagram. With over 17.2 million users in the UK alone, you actually just must have an Instagram page which markets both you and your business.

What is Instagram?

Instagram is a visual platform that predominantly allows its users to share photos and videos with their followers. In the same way Twitter and Facebook have newsfeeds and profile pages, you’ll see your own posts and posts from the people you follow, within your feed.

You can interact with others by liking, commenting and sharing posts, and you can also tag other users to include them in your posts. Adding your location allows others to see where you are based in relation to them.

What’s The Best Way to use Instagram Marketing?

There’s a whole host of ways you can use Instagram marketing to promote and boost your business. The following are a few basic pointers to get you started:

Consistency is Key!

Consistency is integral to effective Instagram marketing. Aim to have a consistent “look”, design and style to everything you post. Build your business “face” by adopting a consistent tone of voice throughout your writing and bio. This will create an authentic, convincing personality for your brand, that others will get to identify your business by.

Use #Hashtags

Similarly to Twitter, adding hashtags to your posts will make them appear in the search engine of anyone who uses or searches the same tag. For example, writing the hashtag #newbusiness will make your posts (and your whole profile) appear in the search results of anyone searching for the hashtag, even if you aren’t following each other. This is a brilliant way to attract new clients and widen your reach, so get #hashtagging!

Add Links in Your Bio

Many of the people who view your posts are also likely to view your profile and bio too. Make sure you add a link to your website in your profile so people interested in your business can find out more about you and what you have to offer.

Repost Content

Another effective way to market yourself on Instagram is by reposting other people’s content. This allows you to reach further to the followers of the person whose content you’re reposting. This will get you involved in online conversations that can boost your businesses standing and widen your potential customer reach. Just make sure to hashtag #repost so that people don’t think you’re trying to steal their content!

Woya digital is a social media marketing agency based in Chichester. We can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet. Our fixed price offering is straightforward and yields results! We are fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO, all paid monthly, with no upfront investment.

The Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Agency

The Benefits of Hiring a Social Media Agency

Social media marketing revolves around the process of gaining traction and traffic via social media platforms.  Some believe that digital marketing is the next big thing, considering its ability to gain traction and remain ahead of the curve. For others, it is merely a marketing technique to stay in the limelight. Done properly, social media can be a powerful tool in driving your business growth and success. This is a main factor when considering whether hiring a social media agency is worth the benefit for your business.

Some large organisations originally considered social media marketing to be a passing marketing interest. Recent statistics however reflect a completely different scenario. Hubspot reports that 92% of marketers consider social media marketing integral for their marketing mix and business growth. A substantial percentage claim that the effective use of social media has helped them increase their bottom line by improving conversion rate.

This clearly indicates that social media marketing can substantially improve sales. Many small to medium sized businesses understand the importance of digital marketing, but do not understand how to achieve the desired results. This is where employing the services of a social media agency can provide real benefit.

A professional social media agency is equipped with the resources, tools and knowledge to manage your digital media tactfully to ensure results.

Here is why you should considering employing the services of a social media agency:

Effective Marketing

The primary reason to hire a social media agency is effective business marketing. An agency has the expertise and knowledge to manage and promote your services and products by making use of targeted strategies. A social media agency will build your brand’s presence on your desired social media platform, maximise your reach and intrigue target audience.

Improving and Building Brand Recognition

A social media agency will work towards improving your brand recognition across social media platform through influencers, strategies and tools. As many businesses do not specialise in digital marketing, allowing a social media agency to build and promote your brand on your behalf, will remove the stress of building brand recognition.

The agency will focus on making your brand accessible via community management. The efforts will ultimately translate into improved conversions, leads and sales, adding to the overall profitability of your business.

Reflecting Your Brand Value

A social media agency will also foster relationships with your clients by promoting your ethos, values and vision. Social media managers are trained professionals that are committed to endorsing a positive image of your business to its audience.

Curbs Competition

Social media agencies are well equipped to deal with complex and competitive situations. By making use of intuitive strategies, your brand’s visibility can improve giving you a significant edge over your competitors.

Efficient Way to Market Your Brand

The primary goal of a social media agency is to efficiently promote a client’s brand on social media platforms. This  removes the cost of having an in-house marketing professional, however still ensure that there is a specialist managing your social media marketing.

By hiring a social media agency, companies can focus on their core business.

Woya digital is a social media marketing agency based in Chichester. We can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet. Our fixed price offering is straightforward and yields results! We are fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO, all paid monthly, with no upfront investment.

The Benefits of Business Blogs and Blogging

The Benefits of Business Blogs and Blogging

When blogs first arrived, the primary concept was merely to produce an online journal. Nobody considered it a source of generating online traffic, raising awareness, meeting business goals. Or even the importance of business blogs.  However, blogging has gained significant momentum over the past decade. People now use it for a variety of different purposes.

What are Business Blogs and How Can It Benefit Business?

Business blogs are opinion, thought and articles, usually on your website and promoted on social media platforms. The blog resembles an online diary or journal that is maintained by the business owner, manager, blogger or team of bloggers. In business, blogging is a marketing technique that is used to bolster the online visibility of a business.

For business blogs, the blogger creates informative or interesting short-form content of around 300-500 words. This content is then posted on the website’s ‘Blog’ section, which are listed in date order. Simply, business blogs are a collection of articles written by the company to be read by an audience they are looking to attract.

The companies that consider business blogging to be an awesome marketing tool, generally discuss the subject matter that is relevant to their products, services or areas of interest. Something that would attract or interest their customers.

Importance of the Content Structure in Business Blogs

The structure of individual blogs is increasingly important for a website’s SEO. If you intend to improve the traffic on your blog, you should focus on structuring the content so that it makes sense to Google and is easy for readers to navigate.

If your blog is structured strategically, the content will have the best links. By generating links, you are informing Google about the importance of the content. You also indicate that you expect Google to index the content. If you follow a smart internal linking methodology, there is a high probability that your content will rank better on search engines, which is a major goal for all.

Blog Timings – How Often?

Blogging is a commitment that requires effort and perseverance. The regularity of blogs is increasingly important to attract readers and encourage them to come back to your blog regularly. If a reader anticipates your blog posts and you fail to deliver on timely intervals, they are likely to lose interest. This is damaging to your overall credibility and marketing strategy.

While posting regularly is a smart choice, many businesses resort to weekly submissions, considering the amount of time and energy required.

The Benefits of Business Blogs

Many successful companies value the importance and benefits of blogging. Many marketers have observed a substantial increase in their online visibility and conversions after maintaining a blog. The real benefits of blogs include:

  • Boost Business Visibility

A regularly updated and tactfully curated blog aids in bolstering the business visibility. It is an innovative marketing strategy that helps in generating awareness and drives traffic to your website. A blog provides information and knowledge to the readers and subliminally endorses your product and services to them. This helps in building your reputation as a trusted and knowledgeable supplier. A well maintained blog nurtures conversions and boosts the visibility of your company in the digital space.

  • Drive Web Traffic

Blogging is not only used to generate awareness, but will also drive increased traffic to your website. Marketers make use of guest blogging tactics to encourage new readers to their site. A well maintained blog will also motivate your intended audience to access your site time and again. It is estimated that a company that blogs gets almost 55% more visitors on their website.

  • Increase SEO

Blogs are the building blocks of your SEO strategy. A search engine optimised blog can help in improving your search ranking substantially. Blogs can be used for guest blogging, back-linking, keyword indexing and building your credibility online. All this affects your SEO positively, ensuring improved search rankings.

  • Boost Brand Performance

With cut-throat competition in the digital fraternity, a blog with fresh content, insights and knowledge can give you a significant edge over your competitors. It improves your brand recognition and reputation, facilitating your overall business growth.

  • Build Customer Relationships

Your blog becomes your primary mode of communication with your client. A recurring visitor indicates that your blog is being appreciated and your brand recognition is increasing. Your blog can become a great way to build suitable and long-term relationships with customers.

The benefits of blogging are extensive. Marketers that make use of blogs get 67% more leads than those that don’t. Businesses who give priority to blogging are 13 times more likely to get positive ROI, highlighting its increasing significance.

business blogging

Woya digital is a social media marketing agency based in Chichester. We can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet. Our fixed price offering is straightforward and yields results! We are fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO, all paid monthly, with no upfront investment.

The 3 Step Guide to 100 Facebook Page Likes

The 3 Step Guide to 100 Facebook Page Likes

Do you want to promote your latest business venture and need Facebook Page Likes?

Perhaps you’ve been doing stand-up for a while and want greater visibility. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to set up a Facebook page and leverage your social standing through Facebook Page Likes.

However, it isn’t always as simple as it looks. Of course, a popular actor only has to tweet out her page and instantly gain a few hundred thousand likes. It probably won’t be that easy for you. In fact, even the initial hundred likes can be a difficult to attain milestone. But don’t fret. This article is going to take you through the basic steps to your first century.

1. Set Up the Page

Before you click on that “Create Page” link, stop and think for a while. Take some time to determine what you want your page to convey to the audience. It’s important to fully understand the essence of your venture first. Say that you’re a stand-up comic. What then is the purpose of your page? Make a list of the goals you want the page to achieve. You may want to reach a wider audience, and to promote events you’re participating in. You may also want to sell merchandise such as T-shirts and mugs. Plan out your page before you actually create it. It is also a good idea to create a stylised logo or customised cover page beforehand. After all, the page is part of your brand, and you want your brand properly represented.

Once you know the scope of the page, create it. Select the type of page you want to create from the list of options, and then give your page a catchy name. Fill out the page in detail – add a picture and cover image, and use the ‘add a button’ widget to allow visitors to easily take actions like making purchases. And don’t make the mistake of leaving the ‘About’ section bland. Make sure it’s as unique and memorable as anything you intend to post if you want genuine Facebook Page Likes.

2. Share it with Your Friends

Most people have sizeable friend lists. Yours probably has at least around 200 people. This is your starting base. Send invites to everyone on your list. Then follow up with close friends, and people who would find your page especially relevant. Send them messages through Facebook Inbox to both Facebook Page Like and Share the page. Do take care to ask them to like the page itself, and not some random post that you have put up. This should net you around 30 to 40 likes at the very least. It’s important, at this and every stage, to regularly update your page with relevant content that will keep viewers interested. The quality of your content is paramount to the success of your page.

3. Use Paid Campaigns

You can get only so far with organic shares. At some point, you will have to invest in a paid campaign in order to increase your reach. Start with £50 to boost a well-liked post to a specific target of customers. Through pay monthly marketing services, you should be able to reach a much larger segment of people who would be interested in your page. We have an article about online advertising on Facebook here.

Need Some Help?

The team at Woya Digital is a social media marketing agency in Chichester, here to help. We offer pay monthly social media solutions that are fully managed and personalised for your success. We can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet.

Our fixed price offering is straightforward and yields results! We are fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO, all paid monthly, with no upfront investment.

Growing Your Business Through Facebook

Growing Your Business Through Facebook

If your small business sells products or services to consumers, Facebook can be a useful, free marketing tool.

Used correctly, this social media platform is a valuable conduit linking your brand with potential customers and a whole suite of tools to grow your business.

You can use your Facebook page to inform customers of business developments, offers and new products. However, you don’t want to post too often and you’ll need to share links, images and posts that your audience is interested in as well as sales-based stories. Promoting your business too much on a social media platform can lead to customers unfollowing or blocking your business page. It’s a fine balance between using Facebook as a tool to advertise your products and connecting with people.

Businesses can use Facebook Promoted Posts to reach a certain number of users, increasing the post’s reach. The tool allows you to choose your audience, for instance you can set a geographical location, age range or select interests, so you can reach the right type of people at exactly the right time, and not waste any of your valuable advertising budget on irrelevant eyeballs. You’ll be able to choose a budget and Facebook will estimate the number of people you’ll reach, giving you some useful insights into your possible advertising outcome before you commit a penny.

Promoting a post is a great way to attract new customers and draw them to your Facebook page and website. Carefully choose which posts to promote to make this functionality really work for you – fun and informative posts are more likely to increase engagement and drive traffic to your page than a sales pitch.

You also have the option to use Facebook Marketplace Ads. Again, Facebook allows you to target the audience of the advert, with a choice of sophisticated demographic options. The ad you create features in the News Feed sidebar and includes a headline, copy, an image and a website link. The price you pay will vary as the advert works on a bidding process. You can bid either on impressions (the number of times your ad is shown) or clicks.

Facebook contests and promotions are a great way to raise brand awareness too and can get users sharing your updates and expanding your network. Be aware though that there are rules for running a competition on Facebook and you’ll need to use a third party app.

Social media platforms are constantly evolving and trends are always changing. You need to monitor what is working and what your customers are interested in to get the most out of Facebook. Page insights can show you who your customers are, the Adverts Manager dashboard will allow you to see how your ads are performing and using tracked URLs means you can tailor the content you are sharing.


  • Understand what your audience shares on Facebook – images tend to attract more likes, shares and comments than a simple status update.
  • Engage with your followers – ask questions, share interesting new updates and reply to queries through Facebook.
  • Measure the success of your updates – see what your audience responds to and adjust your social media strategy accordingly.


  • Ignore feedback – Facebook is a useful tool for gathering feedback and customer opinions, make sure you take them on board.
  • Be slow to respond – people expect quick responses when it comes to social media so make sure your response times are appropriate.

Only post updates about your business – you need to keep your audience interested so post news updates, funny videos, pictures and views throughout the day that aren’t directly related to your business.

Woya digital is a social media marketing agency in Chichester, that can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet. Our fixed price offering is straightforward and yields results! We are fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO, all paid monthly, with no upfront investment.

Growing your Business Through LinkedIn

Growing your Business Through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. As a result, it offers a great opportunity to grow your business if you’re targeting other companies or working professionals.

Step 1

You will want to create a LinkedIn company page for your business and include details along with a company description. It’s also a good idea to ensure your own LinkedIn account is up to date so you can connect with customers and business associates and share updates. Many business opportunities come through networking and LinkedIn is a brilliant tool for this.

You can use LinkedIn to display recommendations for your products and services, gain introductions to business connections and allow potential customers to search for you. Individuals can search the platform for businesses within a certain industry as well as using keywords so make sure your profile page is searchable.

Step 2

Once your page is set up, connect with professionals you already know and join groups that are related to your business or trade.

In order to engage with your LinkedIn network, you’ll want to post regular updates. From a business point of view include information on what you’re working on, clients you’re working with and new launches. However, you don’t want all of your posts to be directly about your business. You should also include updates that would be of interest to your customers and business partners, this could include industry news, governmental policies that may affect businesses and challenges the sector is facing, for instance.

Step 3

Actively participating in discussions on the platform is an effective way to gain exposure and credibility. Pick topics that you know a lot about in the area your business operates in to help establish yourself as an expert in the field. While you want to promote your business it’s best to focus on the discussion, if you have something interesting and insightful to say people will likely click on your profile to learn more about the business. Simply focusing on self-promotion can lead to you being kicked out of a discussion and can harm your reputation.

If there’s an area of your business’ sector that you think would make for a good debate set up your own discussion. Pick a topic that will have lots of different opinions, ask questions or start a poll to get people engaged. By tying the discussion to relevant news and trends you also boost its popularity.

Step 4

LinkedIn also offer targeted advisements for B2B. The advertisement can be targeted based on job title, industry, company size and seniority allowing you to reach your desired audience. You can set your own budget for your campaign and there are no long-term contracts or commitments, making it a good choice for those that want to try out the service and measure outcomes.


  • Post regularly – Keep in touch with your network to increase your visibility on the site.
  • Update your page frequently – Be sure to keep your page updated with your latest projects or products.
  • Keep your contacts up to date – Connect with anyone you do business with, it means you can keep them up to date with company news.


  • Self-promote too much – LinkedIn is a business network but adding value through your expertise will be far more beneficial than several updates a day that are self-promotional.
  • Be too informal – While you don’t need to be really formal on LinkedIn, you need to be aware that the people you’re connecting with could become your business customers or partners.
  • Spam groups and discussions – Carefully select the discussions you join and only comment when you have something interesting to add.

Woya digital is a social media marketing agency in Chichester, that can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet. Our fixed price offering is straightforward and yields results! We are fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO, all paid monthly, with no upfront investment.