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Chichester marketing – designed for local business.

Working on Chichester marketing every day, we understand that to attract business locally is getting more difficult, complicated and competitive. Therefore having a Chichester marketing partner that understands how to be heard locally, is key to success.

Woya Digital knows and understands the Chichester and Sussex locality first hand, because we live and work here. We also appreciate that attracting fresh customers is essential for any business. This can be done through Chichester marketing techniques suited to your audience.

See the quality of our work first hand. Why not review how your current website is performing online? Simply click the button to enter your website details, with two keywords that you wish to rank your business with. You will receive in minutes a comprehensive healthcheck on your website and Google keyword rankings.

We offer paid monthly packages for social media and SEO packages, because we are confident in our work. Even our website packages are monthly paid (min 12 months term), as a result you get a fantastic new look, without upfront investment.

Work with Woya and we will connect your traditional Chichester marketing and advertising with online jazz.
Finally to see exactly what we could do for you, just call, message or email.

Chichester Marketing #MakeSomeNoise

Monthly paid Chichester marketing packages, with no commitment.

Many clients work with us to integrate their existing and traditional Chichester marketing and advertising with online marketing and social media. This maximises marketing effort and compliments current spend, providing a much larger return from local marketing budgets.
We understand that Chichester marketing has many aims. However generally we work with clients to increase sales, improve business/service awareness or support local staff recruitment.

A mobile friendly website that ranks high in Google is now essential for all businesses. Couple this with engaging your audience on Facebook and Twitter by offering relevant and regular content, will ensure that you are front of mind when the time is right. Because of the sheer amount of competition, ensuring you #MakeSomeNoise is one of our best skills.

Get started now with one of our Chichester marketing products, or arrange a call back today to discuss your business, project or goals. An intro meeting and our initial idea’s cost nothing and we’d be happy to show off our business and marketing knowledge and skills. Book a call here.

Monthly paid Chichester marketing packages, with no commitment.

Awesome Websites

No upfront investment – 12 months payments from £180 per month for a mobile friendly website designed for your recruitment business.

Search Engine - SEO

An essential element to get ranked in Google and higher positions for your keywords. Includes keyword research, link building and on-site development.

On-Site SEO

Ensuring that your website is optimised for search engines comes as standard, but laying the ranking foundations on each page takes time & skill.

Paid Online Advertising

From LinkedIn and Fcaebook to Google – we can maximise exposure with proved techniques using the latest online platforms.

Social Media Packages

With packages to suit all sizes of recruitment business, we use a mixture of methods to communicate regular content and engagement with your potential candidates.

Content Generation

From a blog or article, to a new page on your website. We can develop content in your tone of voice. Regular fresh content is the key.

Unique Graphics

Whether it is communicating a new role or popular ‘meme’. Woya can quickly design and provide unique graphics to help promote your cause.

Video Graphics

Sometimes a simple video graphic can draw attention. From moving visual images to fully designed and voice over adverts, Woya will understand the goal.

Choosing a Web Agency

Let’s be honest, there are hundreds of website designers and web agencies in West Sussex alone. You do not need to go far for a recommendation or referral. So why buy a website from Woya?

We are genuinely different and commercially focused! By understanding your business, sector and clients we can understand how they buy, customise the experience and create a website that works to its audience.

Oh and did we mention that there is no upfront cost and you pay monthly?

Awesome portfolio

12 month contract period

Free proposals & design suggestions

Qualified references and reviews

Is your business ready for a Chichester marketing boost

Website Packages

All pay monthly packages with 12 month repayment terms

Instant Website Audit – FREE

Understand how your existing website is performing for a keyword, plus identify outstanding on-site issues that can effect performance.

Ask About a New Website

The best place to start with any project is a little detail. 

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