Frequently Asked Questions

Social media questions

VAT invoices will be forwarded automatically to your inbox on the 1st of every month.

We have billing methods to suit most, with online access to your account, so you can cancel at any time.

  1. We accept direct debits through GoCardless. This gives you ultimate control as you can cancel via your bank or on the GoCardless portal.

Facebook and Twitter will provide you fantastic statistics on views, likes, shares and impressions, but when you sign up for woya180 or woya360 social media products you will also receive monthly visual progress reports, direct to your inbox

We have refined the process to be as slick as possible.

  1. Sign up and provide us with your basic details
  2. You will be asked for billing details – this is easy as you can pay by debit or credit card or direct debit (through GoCardless for ultimate control)
  3. You will be sent to a form with essential information to guide us on how to work with your business, products and services
  4. Of course we will need you to provide us with access to your social media accounts so we can start posting. We can guide you through this process if needed
  5. Within a few business days of gaining account access we will start adding fantastic content

When you join and start the process, you will be introduced to the team, who will work to fully understand your business and products, but most importantly your target audience and tone.

Our account specialists are web content masters, looking for fantastic content to share on your behalf.

Of course you will retain full control of your accounts and can post / delete or share as you need. You will first have to authorise us to post to your accounts and you can remove us at anytime too.

We believe that our clients judge us by our efforts and results! This means that for all our social media services, you decide on a monthly basis to continue.

Website questions

The monthly fee is fully inclusive!

This means that it includes:

  1. Website design – As per your website plan
  2. Website build – Add content from existing site or from provided information (such as your brochure)
  3. Imagery – ‘Royalty Free’ images or images provided
  4. Hosting – Top quality website hosting with 99.9% uptime and fast speeds
  5. Updates – Software and security updates
  6. Backup – Weekly secure backup
  7. New content – Four minor website updates per month (e.g. new starters, new blog posts, contact detail changes, new gallery images etc)

The only additional cost is your domain name. If you do not have one we can support this process or help you transfer to our support.

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Woya uses one of the best hosting companies in the world.

Our websites have an average uptime of 99.99%, which is well over industry standard and exceeds the companies promise.

However following the 12 month minimum term, during which time your hosting is included, you are free to transfer your website to any alternate provider at a cost of one additional month.

Category: Website questions

Our websites are affordable with no investment costs, this means our effort is front loaded.

For this reason, there is a 12 month minimum term, which includes hosting, security and software updates, plus minor amends. After 12 months you have options to reduce the cost for maintenance and updates, take a hosting only package or move to another hosting provider.

Category: Website questions