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With over 15 years of expertise, Woya is a reputable SEO agency working with clients in Birmingham, our track record is creating outstanding campaigns that transform clients’ visibility, reputation, and sales metrics across the sectors.

We’re proud to offer the ultimate flexibility, developing strategic approaches for each client, large or small, based on your aspirations and business objectives.

From PAYG SEO pricing to bespoke reporting, we comprise a vast range of skills and technical knowledge across our talented team, working creatively as your Birmingham SEO agency to exceed every expectation.

The elements of SEO agency Birmingham success.

Birmingham SEO

Precise Competitor Analysis

We start by assessing the competition, establishing growth opportunities and benchmarking key metrics to give you a clear idea about the success we expect to achieve – and how we plan to get there! The focus is to cohesively improve each aspect of your digital presence to gain top results on the primary search engine platforms.
Birmingham SEO

Local Organic SEO

Our Birmingham SEO agency understands the fine balance between targeting international client bases and keeping pace with the ever-changing local SEO climate to maximise your visibility with customers closest to you.
Birmingham SEO

Technical SEO Expertise

Every element of your website and apps contribute to brand reputation, conversion rates and engagement, so technical SEO is up there in importance to establish authority and trust. Woya provides comprehensive technical SEO services ensuring search engines can crawl, index and understand your most important content.
Birmingham SEO

Tailored Mobile SEO

Millions of consumers shop primarily on their mobile or turn to social media for reviews and advice about prospective purchases. Optimising for desktop is just one part of the puzzle in a world where digital agility is everything!
Birmingham SEO

Quality Content Marketing

The standard of your digital content speaks volumes, so our Birmingham SEO agency team makes sure it sends the right messages. Full content creation packages develop exceptional inbound content marketing options, finessing the customer experience to a glossy shine.
Birmingham SEO

Packaged PAYG SEO Support

Whether you want to cover the basics and have our SEO agency in Birmingham get to grips with the technicalities, or you require creative brilliance to ramp up your campaigns, our PAYG pricing makes it possible. Choose the package you want, and we’ll get started!
SEO audits are an essential tool

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Selecting an SEO agency Birmingham.

Finding an SEO team that gets what you’re trying to achieve, and will move mountains to clear the way, isn’t easy – but Woya is delighted to challenge the market, offering new ways to work with a skilled Birmingham SEO agency to surpass your aspirations.
We don’t upsell or talk in riddles, and empower our clients to make clear, informed judgments about the optimal ways to invest their digital marketing budgets.

Here’s a snippet of the services we offer as an organic Birmingham SEO agency:


Packages suited for businesses at every stage of their SEO journey.


Targeted SEO support for enterprises in high-competition markets.


In-depth keyword and keyphrase research to maximise content visibility.


Full analytics reporting, tracking goals, accomplishments and targets.

Whitelabel SEO

Complimentary added-value services, including a free SEO website audit.

Choosing an SEO agency partner

Let’s Talk – Birmingham SEO Agency

Long-term SEO relationships.

Elements of SEO strategy - Woya
Many of our clients have been with us from the first steps on the SEO path to success, and building brands beyond their imagination is something we take huge joy from.
Woya brings creativity, expertise and collaboration to the table, getting to know your team and your brand before recommending strategies to develop campaigns to enhance your performance at every turn.

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