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Professional SEO for Solicitors

Lead generating SEO for law firms.

Search engine optimisation is used extensively by all the top legal service providers and solicitors for generating online leads and generating ongoing new business. Make use of our free audit voucher LAW100 to see what your website potential.



Legal company SEO packages.

Our solicitors SEO packages are full-service, backed by years of sector insights and a continued commitment to adopting technologies, applications and advancements in organic SEO.

There are countless opportunities to generate new leads, improve client relationships and deliver added value to cement your status as an established expert in your field, with SEO providing clear, traceable results.

Being in a higher position in competitive search engine rankings provides improved organic traffic, leads and enquiries. Our clients experience boosted engagement across digital platforms and ultimately growth and profitability.

SEO Analysis

Thorough assessments highlight pathways to scalable practice growth, from a team with gold standard achievements working with legal businesses from start-ups to nationwide organisations.

Content Creation

Quality, engaging content to add relevant and useful information to your site – whether to add to your on-page content or create marketing resources through blogs, guides and outreach articles.
Monthly seo reports

Site-Specific SEO

Optimisation improves speed, functionality, interactive resources and tools on your website. Each improvement makes it easier to engage, find the information they are looking for, and select your practice as their go-to for legal advice.

Quality Backlink Generation

Establishing bespoke backlink strategies with some of the best-respected online publishers in the UK, driving reputation, credibility and client trust in your expertise.

Regular Progress Reports

Every month, the Woya team delivers precise, readable reports to show you precisely what we have achieved, the actions taken, the influence on your rankings, and what we’re planning next.

Technical SEO

Refining your site, socials and other digital assets to improve visibility, indexing and rankings across the major search engines. Thorough knowledge of the algorithms underpinning your digital reach leads to slick, high-performance websites on the page and behind the scenes.



Complimentary solicitor
SEO audit.

Exceptional SEO starts with a thorough analysis of your existing digital assets, what’s working and what isn’t, and where we can make the biggest impact.

Comprehensive SEO audit worth over £299 is offered entirely free of charge to demonstrate the knowledge and skill we bring to the table as your SEO partner.

Use coupon code ‘LAW100’ at checkout.

Your SEO audit provides a wealth of information and evaluation to identify customised solutions specific to your legal practice.

There is no obligation to take things further, you can use your SEO report to determine actions you might take in-house, while we appreciate the opportunity to showcase what we can achieve and how.


Choosing a digital marketing team to lead on SEO for solicitors practices.

With thousands of SEO agencies and digital subscription services promising to transform your online presence, we appreciate that it’s tough to decide which SEO provider is the best fit for your legal practice.

Woya is different because we are 100% focused on commercial success and build long-term relationships with our network of incredible clients, working together to create market-leading organic SEO approaches that truly deliver.

Our background in SEO for solicitors and other legal consultancy firms is unrivalled. It gives us a firm footing in understanding the sector, the services, and the SEO scope to make a quantifiable improvement to your revenue. The key is to know what your target clients are looking for and customise your website to hit every expectation.

We provide pay as you go monthly packages and invite our clients to pick and choose the level of SEO involvement that fits their budgets.

Whitelabel SEO

Extensive portfolio of client success.


Free SEO audits and site recommendations.


Flexible, pay as you go contracts.


Highly qualified testimonials and reviews.

Elements of SEO strategy - Woya

Ongoing solicitor SEO management.

Woya is an accomplished digital marketing team working with UK solicitors and legal consultancies to create bespoke strategies to help achieve your business objectives.

Our role is to ensure your target customers find your practice quickly, understand the services on offer, and can take action to find excellent legal representation in your respective field. We specialise in long-term, organic growth, working with you and your team to define your goals, pinpoint your audience persona, and generate defined campaigns to build on your digital presence.

The benefits of SEO for solicitors.

SEO is a broad field, and what works for you and aligns with your practice values and areas of expertise won’t always be the same as for another firm.

Getting to grips with the competition and comprehending the local and national search engine rankings is step one to deciding where to focus our efforts. SEO is one of the most effective ways to achieve these outcomes whilst reinforcing your standing as a firm with reputable authority in your practice areas.

Book your free Solicitors SEO audit below using coupon code LAW100 in the checkout.


Advantages of working with an SEO team experienced in the legal services sector include:


Analysing local competition and improving click-through rates to your site.


Driving higher enquiry volumes through localised listings.


Generating location-specific content to create new traffic.


Collating positive client testimonials to improve your practice reputation.


Automated leads and traffic through organic site optimisation.


Converting traffic and visits into phone calls and enquiries.


Leveraging SEO for family law practices.

The fundamental concept of legal SEO is reaching your desired customer base where they are – and that might vary considerably depending on whether you focus on conveyancing, commercial law, or family matters.

When it comes to family law services such as divorce mediation, separation agreements, pre and post-nuptial agreements and child custody arrangements, your tone, approach and digital marketing platforms matter.

Our SEO campaigns combine technical, creative, on-page, and off-page SEO to engage with prospective clients and provide real value via quality content, outstanding customer experiences and a clear journey from initial interest to making an enquiry or booking a consultation.


SEO audit from Woya Digital

Get A Free SEO Audit - Instant View


Fixed cost legal SEO services.

We’re ambitious and bold, and we have absolute confidence that our SEO services will boost your practice profile using innovation and creativity to get ahead of the competition.

Your SEO services need to integrate with every other aspect of your promotions, marketing and customer communications, so we craft cohesive approaches to make the most of each touchpoint. Visit our SEO pricing structures for solicitors to choose between the options, whether you need a capable SEO partner with first-rate experience or to test run some of the digital marketing approaches you are keen to try.


Legal SEO enquiry.

The best place to start with any project is a little detail.

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