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Woya is a digital marketing agency providing – social media management, website design, SEO and more. All paid monthly with no upfront investment.

Work with us to reach out to your audience online, be found, be seen and be heard!

build a website get ranked in Google Social media campaigns

Daily social media marketing from £360 per month.

We map your goals and drive results for your business, with digital marketing agency campaigns that are based on getting the attention of your target audience.

From daily social media marketing posts and blog writing service, to full campaign management and online advertising, we can help to grow your business reach.

We are experts in digital marketing; social media, content generation and online digital advertising.

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Brand new website, hosted from £180 per month.

Our websites are created using the latest software, they are dynamic and fantastic on mobiles, with full social media integration. We work hard to fully maintain and update.

We will engage with you to develop a web solution to engage your audience, provide software and security updates, client support and hosting, for the agreed monthly fee.

We will delight you and your clients with website and ecommerce design at affordable prices.

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Social media.

social media

We deliver fresh and engaging daily content aligned to your business, with unique content, daily posts and client interaction

content generation

We create unique social media posts, blogs, articles and web content, the essential elements of driving traffic to your website

online advertising

We can provide managed 'paid advertising' through Facebook, Google, Twitter and other avenues to maximise traffic and awareness

Website & SEO.

web design

Cutting edge web design that's focused on your business goals. We deliver awesome mobile friendly websites - with no upfront cost


For websites that sell, we have solutions! Harness your products with a future proof platform, that is 100% mobile friendly

search engine optimisation

High ranking keywords are an essential investment to grow your business. We deliver results and provide regular reporting

‘Pay as you go’ making digital marketing affordable.

We have developed a pricing structure that ensures quality and affordability. ‘Pick and mix’ digital marketing agency service allows you to create the perfect affordable campaign. Without long-term commitment.

In fact even a brand new website is available on our pay monthly marketing scheme, which means we remove the need for upfront investment to perform the marketing that you need, now! Get an awesome digital marketing agency, without the financial handcuffs.

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Awesome social media subscription prices. 

Priced to provide affordability, our monthly social media plans are developed to totally maximise your business exposure. Start today, cancel anytime! 

  • woya360
  • £ 360 per month
    • 1 x daily Facebook post
    • 1 x daily Twitter post
    • content based on your business/product/brand
    • 1 x 500 word unique monthly SEO keyword blog
    • email/chat/telephone support
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  • woya600
  • £ 600 per month
    • 1 x daily Facebook posts
    • 1 x daily Twitter posts
    • 1 x daily LinkedIn or Instagram post
    • content based on your business/product/brand
    • 2 x 500 word unique monthly SEO keyword blog
    • Facebook Ad campaign management
    • includes £25 Facebook Ad credit per month
    • email/chat/telephone support
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Fantastic web design and SEO subscription prices. 

Get the ultimate affordable new website for your business. Our website designs use the latest technology and ensures mobile compatibility.

  • website design & hosting
  • £ 180 12 month initial term
    • website design
    • full installation & hosting
    • includes stock images if required
    • up to 6 main pages + blogs
    • includes monthly updates*
    • minimum term 12 months
    • your website is fully transferable after min term
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  • ecommerce website & hosting
  • £ 360 12 month initial term
    • ecommerce website design
    • full installation & hosting
    • includes stock images if required
    • up to 6 main pages + blogs
    • up to 30 products
    • includes monthly updates*
    • minimum term 12 months
    • your website is fully transferable after min term
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  • local SEO
  • £ 220 Per Month
    • Keyword research to find x5 local keywords your customers use
    • 100% based on your locality e.g. Chichester Local SEO
    • Work to increase ranking in Google – always aiming for page 1
    • Monthly reporting and progress feedback
    • Onsite SEO performed on your website
    • Offsite “whitehat’ techniques used online to maximise rankings
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  • search engine optimisation
  • £ 280 per month
    • keyword research for x10 keywords
    • work to increase ranking in Google – aiming for page 1
    • monthly reporting & progress feedback
    • SEO performed on your website
    • whitehat techniques used off-site
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See the benefits of online and social media marketing.

Working with a digital marketing agency that understands your business and how it works will give you a huge advantage. The Woya team will focus on understanding your goals, then quickly implement agreed plans so the benefits can begin.

We have ideas and inspiration for all budgets and aspirations, we can make a difference to your business.


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Benefits of online and social media marketing digital marketing agency

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