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SEO agency with serious pedigree.

It’s time to step up and take search engines seriously.
Woya is an expert SEO agency on a mission to change your perception of possibility with our amazing online results and Google rankings.

Are you looking for an SEO agency that’s interested in your business growth. Woya delivers search engine results for local, national and international firms. Our results focused #pageoneorgohome mentality, stems from knowledge, understanding and valuing our clients. Interested in knowing more, let’s talk SEO.


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SEO solutions to beat your competition.

Organic search rankings

With organic SEO (search engine optimisation), we help your website make friends with Google quickly, building a long term relationship.

Local SEO

We deliver as a lead generating local SEO agency on Google Maps and search. Ensure your business is visible when your local customers are looking.

Digital marketing

We’re not just an SEO agency, we are expert content generators, manage paid campaigns, digital PR and build lead generating websites too.

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Official marketing partner of TCR UK


SEO search marketing to improve your visibility.

Clients have different budgets and we provide unique SEO solutions to fit each situation. From job applicants to business prospects and B2C, we create SEO agency focused marketing campaigns to reach them all.

Whether your initial requirement starts with a new website, search engine optimisation, online paid advertising, local online marketing or new content creation – we can help and provide integrated marketing solutions that have improved search engine rankings and increased website in its core.


Elements of SEO strategy - Woya
Elements of SEO strategy - Woya

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SEO packages
what’s included.

digital marketing

SEO research

A mixture of experience and software produces the best SEO research on your competitors and keywords that will generate new business.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO

Working with your website or alongside your web agency, we clean code and can develop a more efficient and faster website that search engines love.

On-site SEO

On-site SEO

As a level raising SEO agency, we build digital strategies so your site and each page can be optimised for maximum search engine results.

SEO backlinks

Strategic backlinks

Optimised backlinks are still the mainstay of effective SEO. We work with the best online publishers to provide high quality backlinks to your website.

SEO Content

Content generation

Adding new and engaging content to a website is an essential ingredient for SEO success. Our wordsmiths craft articles, blogs and on-page content to be proud of. 

SEO reporting

Monthly reporting

Reports are often forgotten, missed or ignored. We constantly monitor and provide monthly reporting on actions, results and latest rankings as standard.

SEO sectors.

Legal search marketing solutions

We have supported law firms and global financial organisations to improve online visibility and generate leads. Our digital marketing services include SEO, website management, content generation and paid ad campaigns. Read more on SEO for legal firms and solicitors

Motorsport marketing & automotive SEO agency

We have supported digital marketing for motorsport teams in BTCC and other national championships, including proudly being official digital marketing partners for TCR-UK in 2022. Read more about SEO in motorsport

Health & social care search marketing

Many years of direct experience in all aspects of healthcare and social care, makes our team the perfect choice for health care search marketing projects, including recruitment drives and improving patient referral

Financial industry SEO agency

Our financial sector experience is solid, having run multiple finance based digital marketing and SEO projects. Woya can make a real difference in inbound applications through improved visibility and traffic. Read about SEO for the finance sector

Local business SEO campaigns

Our success in driving significant new web traffic to local businesses is documented. Our skill in this area has allowed reduced reliance on paid campaigns and improved lead quality. Local SEO services

E-commerce digital strategy

We work with many e-commerce clients, the market has become increasing competitive post Covid as customer attention decreases and available spend decreases. Our SEO agency pedigree and expertise deliver results

Woya makes SEO affordable for business


Client SEO agency reviews.

Latest SEO blogs.

Catch up on the latest SEO trends and tips in our news and blog section! Plus access SEO insights from subject matter experts.

Find SEO Keywords Your Potential Clients are Searching

Find SEO Keywords Your Potential Clients are Searching

The world wide web has broadened the potential client base for businesses all over the world, taking local businesses global and heightening their horizons. Google is undoubtedly the king of all resources for digital marketers, with some 3.8 million searches happening...

What is Domain Authority and Why is it Important?

What is Domain Authority and Why is it Important?

In an ever-growing competitive marketplace that sees businesses needing to assert themselves as recognisable brands providing value at any opportunity, websites are important. Domain Authority is one contributing factor to an organisation’s digital success, and here...

The Importance of Directory Submission for SEO

The Importance of Directory Submission for SEO

It can seem as though the best practice in SEO changes daily – and it almost does, as it’s estimated that Google makes tweaks to the algorithms behind their search systems up to 200 times a year! There are many elements important to achieving the optimum search engine...

Digital marketing services.

We are not just ultra talented at SEO, but also create integrated marketing campaigns, maximising the potential by understanding your business and considering the commercial impact.

digital marketing

SEO - search engines

High ranking keywords are an essential investment to grow your business. We deliver results and provide regular reporting.

digital marketing

Website design

Cutting edge web design that’s focused on your business goals. We deliver awesome and responsive mobile friendly websites.

digital marketing

Local online marketing

Full visibility online when potential local clients are looking, is paramount.
Do you rank locally?

digital marketing

Digital press releases

We are SEO experts with a direct link to publish your press releases to major online publications in the UK, US and Canada. Guaranteed exposure when you need it. 

digital marketing

Online advertising

We provide managed ‘paid advertising’ through Google,  Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram and other avenues to maximise traffic and awareness.

digital marketing

Content generation

Writing content for blogs, emails, unique guides and articles is an essential to generating leads and winning new business, no matter what your sector.

We work hard to achieve
high SEO rankings.

Founded in 2017, Woya Digital, now an SEO focused agency is one of the fastest growing search marketing agencies in the UK. We offer SEO services, content generation, digital marketing and web development services.

Digital marketing expertise
We are one of the best-known SEO marketing agencies in our area. In addition to search marketing we are content generators writing web copy, guest posts and press releases, niche guides and specialist content for blogs and articles.

Client-focused service
We believe that your company goals are our priority; we’ll always go the extra mile to understand your business and help you find the solution that produces results.

Any guarantees?
It’s easy to start working with Woya, we ask for no long-term commitment beyond your current month. However ranking on Google isn’t an overnight fix, which is why (depending on how competitive your sector is) we suggest 6 months + as a term to start seeing tangible results. That’s why we stand by our 6 month guarantee! It’s a straight-forward and honest statement that will provide you peace of mind.

“If there is no ranking improvements within six months, we work for free until there is.” read more

No need to download anything or signup for an account — just give us your website’s URL and we will start right away.


Frequently asked

We are asked lots of questions, and there is much that marketeers either do not understand about search marketing or misunderstand. Woya guides its clients with a transparent process and regular feedback with reporting.

Why choose Woya as your SEO Agency?

We have been working directly in SEO since 2017 and our team have experience starting in 2005, Woya is growing into one of the leading SEO agencies in the UK. We understand how search engines work and we know what it takes to rank your website on Google. We have developed a unique method of working that ensures we constantly focus on the big picture, not just the short term results. This means we don’t just do SEO, but we build websites that are designed to last.

SEO needs to be seen as long-term strategy

It can take several months to fully feel the efforts of an SEO campaign. However ranking movement can start to become visible within weeks and sometimes results may come much faster than expected. Do not trust any SEO agency that promises you they can get you into the top of page 1 in a few weeks – SEO as a short term solution can only lead to quality problems further down the line.

Even if an SEO agency does achieve this promise, it will still be for vanity searches. These are searches with low search volume or search intent. They are often used by people who want to make their website look good but have no intention of using it. We offer a six month guarantee to provide you with confidence in our process.

What makes you different, there's lots of SEO agencies?

You are right, there is so many SEO agencies promoting services, our question would be who is actually performing the services. There is a upcoming trend of agencies offloading seo services to an outside speciality firm. This means you have little control on methodology and results.

The fact is that we not only have our own team managing and performing SEO, but Woya provides white labelled SEO services to many other agencies.

Woya is a focused and engaged SEO agency, specialising, understanding and adapting to the continuous Google algorium updates that progress and get more complicated every time.


SEO guarantee.

Let’s start with the right attitude. We know we’re good at SEO, and we’re happy to put our time and money where our mouth is.

People tell us that you can’t guarantee search ranking results and that’s technically correct. But we can guarantee our inputs and effort which is what we are happy to do.

Although we have require no long-term commitment we always suggest an informal six month term as achieving Google rankings isn’t something we can do overnight. Which links nicely with our 6 month guarantee!

“If there is no ranking improvements within six months, we work for free until there is.”

It’s a straight-forward and honest statement that will provide you peace of mind that we will work our best magic for improvements. The only thing we ask is that all our suggestions are approved or implemented (basic suggestions like meta tags, content updates, blog approvals etc). We more than often manage websites on your behalf, but we would not make changes without your permission or approval.

Our SEO guarantee comes as standard to all our ongoing clients, so depending on how competitive your sector is our guarantee may be very appealing. For instance it takes longer to rank new websites and new domain names