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If you need a talented SEO agency near Brighton, Woya has everything you could wish for to make your digital presence shine, taking your business to the next level.

The continually changing SEO landscape can make it difficult to embrace the agility needed to keep pace with changing search engine policies. Our decades of experience and passion for excellence ensure our clients stay one step ahead.

Our full-service SEO agency Brighton delivers a comprehensive range of skills and resources to drive sustainable growth and create unique campaigns that deliver results from link building to premium quality content.

The elements of SEO Agency Brighton’s success.

Precision Keyword Research

As a fundamental element to your brand visibility, everything starts with in-depth research, highlighting specific demographics, customer behaviours and trends that we harness to launch your campaigns. This attention to detail ensures we have a solid grounding to create content strategies, defining the opportunities to deliver outstanding user value.

Proven Track Record of SEO Results

With over 15 years as a high-performance SEO agency near Brighton, we know that results and quantifiable outcomes are the gold standards you expect. Our target-driven approach ensures you see the impact of each step in your SEO strategy, building in strength as we move forward.
Monthly seo reports

Concise SEO Reporting

Reporting, transparency and tracking are at the heart of a great SEO agency Brighton, so we commit to delivering zero-jargon, direct and bespoke reports every month. This continual communication means we work together to see what we’ve achieved and set the next target in our sights.

Tailored SEO Audits

A technical SEO audit is an excellent way to pinpoint those niggling issues that are chipping away at your growth. That means our accomplished team can recommend the optimal solutions to improve each element of your pages or digital apps, blending technical proficiency with design flair to achieve improved performance across the board.

Additional SEO Tools

Woya truly believes in offering the best possible value to every client. As a professional Brighton SEO agency, we provide a range of advanced tools and resources to collaborate effectively with your team and implement a successful digital strategy.

Fixed-Price SEO Packages

Woya doesn’t do hourly rates, ad hoc charges or never-ending fees – our Brighton SEO agency offers fixed-price packages on a PAYG basis. You tell us what you need, and we get to it, providing on-site or off-site SEO management along with the essentials such as content creation, link building and keyword research.

Choosing an SEO Agency Brighton

SEO covers a broad scope, and it’s often difficult to identify which talents, knowledge, or aptitudes will significantly affect your success and business revenues. As a dynamic and creative SEO agency near Brighton, we endeavour to break the mould and show you how to achieve your aspirations efficiently.

Our teams don’t talk in riddles or over-complicate simple steps, providing advice and suggestions to craft a focused content plan based on data tracking and analysis.

If you’re unsure of the right direction to go, our free SEO website audit will help you pinpoint where you have the greatest opportunities to make improvements and get a feel for working with our team to see if the fit is right for your business.

The Woya difference as your Brighton SEO agency includes:


Fixed-price, transparent SEO packages


Outstanding personal service and support


Comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis


Free SEO website audits to help you get started

The Importance of SEO for Small Businesses

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Market-Leading Keyword Research

Elements of SEO strategy - Woya
Keyword research is so much more than a quick Google search – it’s data science, blending demographic analysis, sector knowledge, and SEO expertise to assess the exact parameters your business should target.

We begin with statistics and transform that information into proactive, bold strategies to take your business forward, standing out in a crowded digital space.

SEO audit from Woya Digital

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