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Woya is delighted to offer innovative PPC management services – taking the concept of pay-per-click advertising and making it work harder for your budget!

With years of experience across the spectrum of digital marketing, we work on a vast range of campaigns for businesses large and small, delivering market-leading returns.



Google PPC advertising management

Woya is delighted to offer innovative PPC management services – taking the concept of pay-per-click advertising and making it work harder for your budget!

With years of experience across the spectrum of digital marketing, we work on a vast range of campaigns for businesses large and small, delivering market-leading returns.

Our elite Premier Google Partner and Facebook Marketing Partner accreditations are testament to our skills and demonstrate the highest standards of professionalism, with such statuses awarded only to a handful of UK companies.

Here at Woya, we don’t just work on PPC ads, or Google campaigns, either!

Our teams offer:


Complete search engine advertising, including Yahoo and Bing


Social media marketing, including Facebook and Instagram


Networking growth through LinkedIn


Marketing across Amazon and YouTube

Each of these platforms offers an opportunity to leverage the potential of PPC advertising and use the substantial audience bases to drive your business sales.

Our in-depth knowledge of every platform and how it works behind the scenes means that every piece of content and every marketing programme is finely tuned to achieve optimal results and reflect your company’s brand values.

If you’re keen on a no-nonsense, transparent and expert PPC management service, get in touch with the Woya team today!

Woya PPC management services

So, how do our PPC management packages stand out from other digital marketers?

It’s simple – our PPC management teams are dedicated solely to driving targeted users to your business adverts.

We live and breathe all things digital, ensuring that you not only get the traffic you’re aiming for but that it’s delivered cost-effectively and always within your budget.

Woya PPC campaign options include:


Google and YouTube Advertising - put your business front and centre in response to customer searches! Your PPC account is only billed for results, such as website click-throughs or generated new sales inquiries.


Facebook Marketing - as a certified Facebook Marketing Partner, our technicians utilise insider expertise to gain maximum traction on the largest social media platform worldwide.


LinkedIn Advertising - the home of professional networking, LinkedIn offers the potential to raise brand awareness, advertise business events, or connect directly with the 610 million active users.


Microsoft Marketing - it's never wise to overlook the smaller search engines! Our Yahoo and Bing PPC campaigns provide advertising directly to customer searches through Microsoft Ads, targeting an audience of over 404 million people per month. • Instagram Engagement - drive publicity and brand marketing through Instagram, with the ease of splicing ads between Facebook and its partner app.


Amazon Advertising - create winning product listings with outstanding SEO and Amazon PPC optimisation to deliver leading sales results across the Amazon advertising framework.

If you’d like to learn more about the PPC advertising opportunities on any or all of these platforms, please give us a call, and we’ll run through which may be best suited to your business!
SEO audits are an essential tool

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Pay per click solutions

While we’re not going to spill all our secrets, we are committed to 100% transparency, so you are confident we’ve got the goods to deliver actual business advertising results.

As a snapshot into life with Woya PPC management, here’s how the process works!

1. PPC Audit: Step one is a full review of your PPC campaigns, including performance, structure and best practise. This essential step identifies the most significant opportunities and assesses how we can pivot to deliver maximum results.

2. PPC Management: Next up, we look through detailed analytics and data to create a bespoke strategy based on your objectives to fine-tune your PPC campaign.

3. PPC Retainer: Finally, we set up an ongoing allocation every week or month to ensure your campaigns remain successful and keep driving towards a larger market share – while you focus on what you do best!

The complexities of PPC can be vast, particularly when juggling multiple platforms with contrasting policies, audiences and tools.

It’s strongly advisable to work with the experts to ensure your PPC budget works harder for you – get in touch with Woya to learn more about how we make that happen!

Google Adwords PPC

What does premier Google Partner status mean?

When you work with Woya, you know you’re dealing with market-leading PPC analysts who offer the highest standard of quality and expertise.

Our status as a Premier Google Partner means that every professional has proven skills and the knowledge you need to succeed in the digital space.

To maintain our accreditation, Woya demonstrates:


Expertise in Google Ads - including rigorous examinations to demonstrate ongoing proficiency on Google ad management, including assessments of skills in new tools.


Proven Results - client results far beyond expectations and meeting optimal return on investment figures.


Ad Spend Requirements - we spend over $10,000 every 90-days, making your ads part of a bigger picture that puts us top of the pile when it comes to Google visibility.

Every client benefits from first-class innovation, as we maintain our status as an accredited Premier Google Partner.

For your business, that means you get first access to the latest techniques and tools and the best resources Google can offer!

Google Partner expertise

What does it mean to hire a Premier Google Partner with a full suite of digital marketing support behind them?

The Woya teams specialise in:


What does it mean to hire a Premier Google Partner with a full suite of digital marketing support behind them? The Woya teams specialise in:


Shopping Advertising - driving consumers to your headline product ranges, with a comprehensive range of shopping advertising strategies throughout the scope of Google Merchant Centre touchpoints.

These specialisms ensure that your Google advertising and PPC campaigns have tremendous potential for growth, attracting high-value audiences and contributing to overall business success.

Call Woya today for more information about how Google PPC can work for you and elevate your online presence right up to page one!

Work with a Google Partner agency

Let’s run through some of the top reasons Woya PPC and Google Advertising management is the best in the business!

Accredited Premier Google Partner

Our status as a Premier Google Partner reflects our position as experts in Google advertising, an accreditation awarded directly by Google only to a small number of exceptional providers.

This position means you have the assurance of having a digital marketing partner who delivers the highest:

  • Ad spend management capacity.
  • Standards of client feedback.
  • Levels of new business advertising.
  • Average performance.

These elements contribute to the accreditation and translate into the best PPC management services an advertising budget can buy!

We work closely with Google, including a direct team on the ground, offering us exclusive access to beta tools that you won’t find anywhere else.

For your business, that means you get the cutting edge on advertising resources and the advantage over your competitors lagging with general release marketing assets.

Highly Accomplished PPC Technicians

Woya technicians are experts in their field and spend more time working on account optimisation than any competitor.

You’re paying for our time, and we make it our business to deliver the best results, driving your business forward.

First Class Support Services

Last and not least, our clients lead everything we do. Our user ratings are exceptional, and customer satisfaction will always be our highest priority.

Recognised Facebook Marketing Partner

As well as a Premier Google Partner, Woya is delighted to have achieved the elite Facebook Marketing Partner accreditation – offered only to experts who have shown their ability to maximise advertising tools through the platform.

Our services include access to resources via Facebook Product Catalogue, Facebook App Events and Facebook Pixel, to name but a few.

Facebook Marketing Partner status is awarded following a thorough assessment of our techniques and track record, quantifying the value we offer through our Facebook marketing solutions.

Unbeatable Returns on Advertising Investment

While we are proud to deliver customer-first approaches and personal account management, we’re also aware that advertising spend is all about getting the best returns.

Each campaign we craft focuses on tangible returns, including a return on investment (ROI) calculation bespoke to your business campaigns before any work begins.

Let’s talk about Google advertising management

To discuss how we can help your agency move forward, get in touch.

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