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SEO for Financial Service Providers

Effective SEO
for finance companies.

Precision search engine optimisation can make an incredible difference, SEO for financial services is highly competitive and requires specialist support.

SEO is often considered as a space reserved for retailers, but it is now a vital component in proactive marketing strategy for every type of financial institution, regardless of size, in the highly competitive financial industry. Woya are proven masters in developing organic search campaigns that perform.



Organic search marketing
for the financial sector.

SEO and digital marketing should be a core focus in marketing spending for all finance firms and financial advisors looking to be found online, at Woya, we acknowledge the importance of balancing budgets and assessing return on investment.

Each Woya Digital SEO unique package is agreed at a fixed price, to provide open clarity on inputs and your spend on SEO. One of our core success areas is allowing clients to reduce reliance and spend on paid advertising, such as Google Ads by creating a legacy of leads from ranking well in search engines.

SEO  For Financial Services

Best Practice Organic SEO

Full knowledge and understanding of the finance sector and search engine algorithms, allows us to pinpoint resources and tools that will promote and protect your business reputation.

SEO  For Financial Services

Competitor Research

Each strategy we recommend is backed by full a assessment of your finance niche, local market and competition to ensure your budgets are targeted to where they can make the most difference.

Monthly seo reports

Concise, Regular Reporting

We deliver clear SEO and result reports every month to explain exactly what actions we have taken, the impact they have had, and where we’d like to focus our energy next.

SEO  For Financial Services

Quantifiable Investment Returns

Woya has a long track record of delivering market-beating results and excellent returns on investment to drive your financial services organisation to the top of the search rankings.

SEO  For Financial Services

Fixed Price SEO Packages

Choose the level of support, guidance and creativity you need from the Woya Digital team, and pay a fixed monthly price, with no added extras. Solutions will include content support, digital PR & PR links, plus technical SEO.

SEO  For Financial Services

Local SEO Visibility

If your services are in a local area, then local SEO is essential. Focused presence in your area, improving Google Maps and Business Profile rankings, plus supporting reviews and reputation management.



Complimentary finance
SEO audit.

Exceptional SEO starts with a thorough analysis. We start with your existing website, understand what’s working and what isn’t, and where we can make the biggest impact.

Woya’s comprehensive SEO audit (pricing starts at £299 upwards) is offered entirely free of charge to demonstrate the knowledge and skill we bring to the table as your SEO partner.

Use coupon code ‘SEO100’ at  audit checkout.

Your SEO audit provides a wealth of information and evaluation to identify customised solutions specific to your finance company.

There is no obligation to take things further, you can use your SEO report to determine actions you might take in-house, while we appreciate the opportunity to showcase what we can achieve and how.


Future-proof financial services SEO strategies.

The gold standard in digital marketing is organic SEO – a process that pays close attention to your competitors, current position, target customers and brand voice.
From there, we blend creativity, technical knowledge and dynamic marketing techniques to broaden your reach, grow your practice and ensure every website visitor finds precisely the information they need.

Maximising the potential from PR links is a key SEO for financial services strategy that we utilise to great effect. PR backlinks create an incredibly powerful signal and provides valuable social proof in a metric you control.

Woya Digital is a market-leading SEO agency, proud to work with a number of exceptional financial services companies with a long-term approach to achieving sustainable, scalable growth from organic search engine optimisation.


Why invest in SEO for financial services.

Clients may approach your practice or business through referrals and word-of-mouth recommendations, but if you’d like to engage with new customers throughout your region, SEO is the way to go.
There are countless ways to approach SEO for financial advisors, so your campaigns should always be structured around your values, branding, speciality areas and services you’d most like to promote.

Use coupon code ‘SEO100’ at checkout

As a digital marketing team with years of experience working alongside financial companies across the globe, national and local accountants, plus local financial advisers, offering:

    • Comprehensive deep-dive analysis of competition and market opportunities.
    • Specialist advice and guidance about website UX for financial professionals.
    • Campaigns and website optimisation to drive increased enquiries.
    • Proactive marketing promotion design and localised listings.
    • High-value backlink strategies to solidify your practice reputation.
    • Regular, concise SEO reports quantifying progress and actions taken.


Targeted organic SEO for finance organisations.

One of the challenges for financial service companies focusing on SMEs or individual clients is that the complexity and terminology around many aspects of the business can be difficult to promote dynamically.

SEO is an excellent way to transform your content strategy, creating jargon-free, relatable interactions that signpost prospective clients towards your practice.

Most of the conventional ways to market, such as brochures or local ads, have been bypassed by digital content, where most businesses and private clients search online to find an accountant or adviser.

By harnessing financial services SEO, you immediately broaden your potential reach and can develop personalised content and user experiences to cement calls to action, so your target audience will come to you first.

Whitelabel SEO

Extensive portfolio of client success.


Free SEO audits and site recommendations.


Flexible, pay as you go contracts.


Highly qualified testimonials and reviews.

Elements of SEO strategy - Woya
SEO audits are an essential tool

Get Free SEO Audit


Complimentary financial services SEO audits.

As you will appreciate, any specialised advice or recommendations stem from an in-depth assessment to establish targets, opportunities, competition and ways to expand your existing digital assets.

Woya Digital is delighted to offer free SEO website audits as a way to demonstrate our skill and start defining the approaches we believe will be most beneficial for your business.

Our talented SEO team covers every aspect of creating campaigns, from technical improvements to content generation, campaign design and cohesive reporting.

We work with accountants and financial advisers, both large and small, providing reliable ongoing communications to keep us up to date with your business focus and how we can support your growth.

Use coupon code ‘FIN100’ at checkout.


Picking the right financial services SEO provider.

There are hundreds of SEO providers out there claiming to offer services that will make a profound difference to your sales and enquiries – but few with the expertise in financial services sectors necessary to have a laser-focused understanding of the right approaches to generate excellent results.
Woya works with financial services brands across the UK to build long-term, tangible growth and scalable success through best-in-class organic SEO practises.

Get in touch to learn more about the right ways to drive your finance business ahead of the competition, or browse our SEO options to select the optimal path forward.


Book an SEO chat.

We understand the importance of generating fresh leads through your website. We know and understand the financial services sector, schedule a call below.

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