Small Business Growth Tips for 2020

Small Business Growth Tips for 2020

October, November, December …. 2020 – yes we are only 3 months away!!  So you’re feeling motivated and excited for all the opportunity that 2020 is going to bring, for you to grow your small business – awesome! 

In order to really set yourself up for success and maximum growth next year however, there are a few marketing basics that you need to put in place to give your small business the best possible chance:


Non-negotiable! Human beings are on their phones constantly to search, discover and buy products and services that they need or want. If they come across your website and it’s not mobile-friendly, they are just going to bounce. Opportunity lost!


Where do you go when you’re searching online – Google of course! SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) or search marketing is the process of continual efforts applied to the backend and on your website that helps it rank higher in online search results, with the aim of getting to the top, or as close to the top as possible. Ask yourself: Do you ever scroll further than the first page of Google search results? No, neither do we!


Local SEO is regular SEO, however is for businesses that serve or work within a particular area, so is locality focussed. For example if you are a gym based in Chichester, you would specifically want to reach customers in Chichester and nearby areas.


Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …. your business need to be present on social media! Don’t feel that you need to be active on absolutely every social media platform. Identify your customers and which platforms they are likely to be on, and focus your time and energy into these. Marketing is no longer a one way street. Customers want to engage with your brand, be entertained and have a more personal connection with your business. Social media platforms allow you to run campaigns to specifically target your customer market, so any budget you put into a paid advert or boost, will generate a better ROI than just for example, an advert placed in a newspaper (smart marketing!). There is so much noise online that you do need to invest some budget into paid social media marketing to really make the most of the opportunity.

The 4 points above are all fine and well, I hear you say, but what will they cost me as a small business owner?

Understanding that new and small businesses often have limited budget, yet desperately still need the services above, we have put together marketing packages with you guys in mind. All our packages are pay monthly, with no upfront investment, meaning that as a small business you still have access to awesome digital marketing services without compromising on quality! 

We would love you to get in touch to discuss your 2020 business goals, and how we can support and guide you in achieving them (we’re a friendly Chichester based bunch!)

We also have an awesome Instant FREE SEO Site Audit Report that you can take advantage of, where we’ll send you a report to highlight all the things that can be improved on your website!