Facebook paid advertising

Facebook Paid Advertising

Expert Facebook paid advertising.

Facebook remains one of the most effective ways to target your advertising to specific demographics, with pay-per-click (PPC) a cost-effective marketing tool available to businesses of all sizes.
With so many forms of digital advertising out there and the exponential potential of social media marketing, it’s essential to keep your finger on the pulse!

Certified Facebook marketing expertise.

The Woya Digital team includes certified Facebook Marketing technicians with market-leading expertise in leveraging this powerful form of advertising.
We’re on hand to maximise your reach, improve your brand exposure, and provide exceptional returns on your social media marketing investment.

It’s impossible to overestimate the capacity of Facebook and Instagram marketing tools, with consumer decisions increasingly influenced by online media far more than conventional forms of advertising.

If you aren’t yet exploring the benefits of Facebook marketing, get in touch and let’s get to work!

Accredited UK Facebook marketing.

We’re proud to walk the walk and be one of the very few businesses in the UK with a prestigious Facebook Marketing Partner accreditation.

But what does that mean for your business?


Access to outstanding expertise in maximising your Facebook marketing returns.


Premium resources and assets, including Facebook App Events, Facebook Pixel, Facebook Product Catalogue and other excellent tools.


First access to new marketing resources, with optimal exposure only available through individually vetted Facebook Marketing Partners.

Our accreditation is verified by the virtual Kite Mark – highlighting that you’re in safe hands, with an individually assessed team of experts who have reached the highest standards in social media marketing management.

Instagram social media advertising.

Here at Woya, we’re all about providing individual, friendly and efficient support. So it makes sense to dovetail your Facebook marketing strategies with Instagram exposure and make the most of your advertising!

Not every social media platform is suitable for every business. Still, where an Instagram brand presence fits with your company, you can reap substantial rewards:


Attract a new audience and demographic.


Engage with customers through an informal setting.


Share your brand story and ethos.


Connect with invested consumers through their preferred platform.

If you’re unsure whether Instagram works for you, get in touch with Woya, and we’ll sit down and explore the options.

Benefits of Instagram marketing.

Familiar with Facebook, and unsure whether an Instagram profile aligns with your brand marketing strategy?

Let’s take a quick look at the potential benefits of Instagram marketing:


Over 25 million global business profiles.


60% of consumers find new products on the platform.


Time spent watching videos on Instagram has increased by 80%.


More than 2 million worldwide users share stories for business awareness.


Two hundred million-plus Instagram users visit a business profile daily.


Businesses publish around 30% of the most popular stories.

Clients have seen exceptional growth through professional Instagram marketing management, with returns of many times over the advertising cost, leaps in turnover and record-breaking new sign-ups.

Facebook marketing service options.

Facebook Paid Social Advertising

Woya Facebook PPC Advertising Services

Let’s take a look at what we do to ensure your Facebook PPC ads deliver.
  • Budget Control – we always discuss budgets from day one and ensure visibility over total returns and ad spend.
  • Audience Generation – professional audience selection resources allow highly focused targeting to identify your ideal customers.
  • Content Creation – our creative teams build premium content with videos, text ads or photographic content to deliver your brand message.
  • Advertising Placement – Woya carefully selects the best social media platforms and mediums to maximise returns, splicing with Instagram, Messenger and Audience Network.
  • Page Management – ensure your ads are the start of a great customer experience, with active, engaging and vibrant Facebook business pages.
  • Measurable Results – we regularly report back to provide valuable insights to demonstrate how well your advertising meets your business objectives.

As a digital marketing expert, Woya offers the whole package of social media support, extending far beyond PPC management and advertising support – get in touch for more information about how PPC advertising could benefit your business!
Facebook Paid Social Advertising

Social Media Management Packages

Our digital teams provide comprehensive Facebook management services, helping you grow your social media presence without sacrificing the time required to run your business.

Woya Facebook page management is bespoke to your needs and flexible to fit your requirements and business sector.

Available support includes:

  • Full-page management, including posting high-quality content according to your preferred schedule.
  • Engaging, business-specific content posted throughout the working week.
  •  Customised social engagement content management.
  • A dedicated account manager in direct contact to ensure your pages run smoothly.
  • Flexible rolling monthly contracts for complete control.
  •  Professional quality content, including branded graphics, articles and images.
With a vast range of add-ons and additional services, Woya is on hand to support you at any stage of your social media marketing development.
Facebook Paid Social Advertising

Instagram Mega Boost Premium Package

Options to supercharge your social media marketing include the Instagram Mega Boost package, a highly targeted and organic process (with zero bots, ever!) to help increase your followers.

Mega Boost offers:

  • Advanced audience creation, with sustainable growth through AI tech to achieve 2,000 additional followers per quarter.
  • Time-efficient account management, with automatic account interactions such as follows, comments, likes and views – no fake accounts, and 100% natural engagements.
  • Proven results showcased by some of the most prominent Instagram social media accounts.
  • Bespoke strategies to support your business goals, ensuring all content is customised to your account.

Interested in joining the Instagram advertising revolution? Get in touch with Woya to discover how Mega Boost could hit your targets out of the marketing ballpark!

Facebook PPC audits and analysis.

If you’re already a Facebook PPC pro, it’s still likely there’s a lot we can do to enhance your social media marketing performance.

Woya delivers a full reporting service, including account audits to identify your next potential growth area and allow our teams to target opportunities proactively.

Talk to us today about Facebook PPC and how a dedicated account manager could make a substantial difference to your advertising returns.

Contact a leading Facebook partner agency.

As a recognised Facebook Marketing Partner, Woya offers best in class results with the full support of the world’s largest social media platform.

Our PPC management and marketing services offer individualised strategies to deliver optimal results and ensure your digital marketing meets the highest potential audience.

Contact Woya for more information about our packages of Facebook marketing support or to create a bespoke support programme to best suit your business.

SEO audits are an essential tool

Get a Free SEO Audit

Facebook PPC marketing.

PPC is the secret sauce of digital marketing through social media!

It’s a way to boost your digital presence and advertise your services or products to a vast audience without blowing your marketing budget or spending hours tweaking each advert to appeal to the right customer.

Here are some of the reasons that Facebook PPC is an essential element in your digital advertising plan:


Instant Reach - connect with Facebook and Instagram users immediately.


Custom Targeting - refine every ad to reach your ideal demographic.


Unique Marketing - create exciting, innovative ads through video, photo and text.

Why Choose Woya for Facebook PPC Management?

We’re the experts in all things digital and offer clients the dedicated support of an experienced Facebook PPC Management team.

What does a Facebook PPC Manager do?

Our PPC consultants pour their efforts into driving targeted ads, increasing engagement, and directing the most relevant users directly to your social media marketing content.

Along with the power of expertise, we recognise the importance of cost control and deliver high traffic at cost-effective levels, ensuring you have complete control over your spend per engagement.

Facebook paid advertising

Let’s talk about Facebook marketing.

To discuss how we can help your agency move forward, get in touch.

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