There’s no time like the beginning of a fresh new year to look back at where you’ve come from, and plan where you’re going to next. From time to time you need to take a step back and review what’s happening within your business, not least how your digital marketing is performing and whether changes or tweaks are required in your digital marketing strategy.

If you run a small business, this type of general audit is required every 4 to 6 months and will help you guide your business marketing through growth and expansion.

For a good overall digital marketing strategy audit process, make sure you cover the following steps:

1. Review Your Business Objectives

Before you can begin to take a look at the future, you need review what’s happened in the past and where your business objectives now stand.

There may well be some goals that have been reached, changes you’ve made over time which have led to better productivity or results. There may also be plenty of things that you haven’t achieved and which need to be given greater focus.

Everything you do must be actioned with your business objectives in mind.

2. Identify and Establish Your Business Goals

The next step is what you want to achieve for your small business over the ensuing 6 to 12 months. You will have goals that you want to achieve in the short term but other, longer-term goals that you want to work towards too. These goals need to align so that you deliver a comprehensive strategy for your business where the goals support each other to help growth.

Short term goals may need to be achieved in order to enable you to reach a long term goal.

3. Identify Who Your Customers Are

As businesses develop and grow, often their customer and target markets change and grow too! Your product or service might now appeal to a wider audience then when you first started out.

Carrying out a review of who your customers are will help inform your future marketing choices and dictate the kind of content and platforms you are going to use.

4. Identify Which Digital Marketing Platforms to Use

Establishing first who your customers are and what your business goals are will help you identify which digital marketing platforms are going to work best for your business marketing.

This might include, for example, reaching out more on social media or employing a strategy of email marketing to existing customers. If your target market is individuals, then Facebook and Instagram may be where you want to focus your efforts, but if your target market is company directors, then you may want to focus your efforts on LinkedIn.

5. Recycle Existing or Create New Content

One thing many businesses don’t do is review existing content to see whether they can use it again as it is, or tweak it slightly for re use. You could have a large archive of existing material which can easily be brought up to date with minor tweaks or changes and reused, instead of creating all new content in the new year.

Blogs may need to be updated to make them more current. Content can be repurposed to give it new life. This can save you a lot of trouble trying to come up with new content ideas while still keeping your marketing current.

6. Invest in Scheduling Software

Fabulous modern scheduling software is invaluable in supporting us to cope with the demands of consistent and regular marketing. Scheduling software enables you to bring different marketing campaigns together and form a full and informative picture of what is currently going on with your strategy. If you don’t currently use scheduling software or your existing provision isn’t delivering what you need, then there is no time like the present!

Do You Need Support for Your Digital Marketing?

As small businesses grow, their owners have more and more to do, and their focus is directed in many more directions. Digital marketing requires dedicated focus, planning and lots of time.

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