Did you know that 73% of millennials found their last position through social media? Social media is one of the most powerful tools with a mass audience, making it a very lucrative medium for recruiters. Today more and more recruitment agencies are using social media recruitment marketing to reach the best and untapped talent. In addition most Millennials are using social media as an effective channel to find a job.

Take for instance the corporate social media platform, now owned by the Microsoft Corporation, LinkedIn. It’s aim is to bolster corporate connections and interactivity. The platform is popular with employees and job hunters, employers and recruitment agencies. It has success stories, where individuals secure their dream job. So social media recruitment marketing has changed the face of recruitment. In fact, Staff.com recently reported that 92% of companies are also currently using social media when recruiting. And it’s not just LinkedIn making an impact.

So what are the real recruiter benefits of embracing social media recruitment:

Massive Instant Reach

Most social media platforms have a high daily visitor ratio with a higher population millennials. This makes it easier for recruiters and companies to communicate with a targeted or predefined audience. For instance, posting a job advert via a paid Facebook campaign. So by targeting job titles, you increase your chances of reaching the right talent for your position, instantly.

Using Social Media

The average internet user now spends over 2 hours a day on social media. This means essential time spent “liking” and “sharing” posts – spreading information across their own connections.

  • It’s this behaviour that expands the natural reach of a post, so make sure your team get involved!

For example try maximising social media recruitment and allow recruiters to post ads. Meaning the use of exact criteria such as likes, interests, demographics and location means recruiters will target talent, with minimal effort.

Social Media Recruitment Costs

Social media recruitment adds another weapon to the armoury and makes the recruitment advertising process more cost effective as teams rely less on expensive job boards.

Recruiting via Social media also provides wide access to new candidates, cutting down on the time spent head hunting. Therefore the cost of social media recruitment is also relatively lower than other mediums, or even free. So this makes it ideal for recruitment agencies looking to reduce job board dependence and costs.

Social Media Referrals

Engagement on social media platforms is immediate and done right, effortless. Individuals can easily share job vacancies or make referrals with a simple click. With the right strategy, it is easier for recruiters to get access to the right talent and talent networks.

Social Media Control

As a recruitment agency owner or manager, a major concern often is that of control.

  • Your brand is being used in posts and you may not always approve.
  • Consider strategy and internal policies.
  • Ensure that you know how to write a social media policy and implement immediately.
  • Provide the team a structured social media strategy.
  • Seek support from a price sensitive marketing business like Woya Digital.

The recruitment industry is unique in many ways. Having a recruitment marketing and social media partner that understands your sector is key to success.

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