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Social listening services.

Social listening is a secret weapon in the battle for digital market share – and it can uncover everything you ever wanted to know about brand perception, key advocates and where to focus your marketing efforts.

Leverage social listening to monitor mentions, keywords, audience responses and what your customers are talking about, and you’ll find unlimited potential to hone your campaigns and meet challenges head-on.
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Online listening

It can be difficult for growing businesses to continually monitor the increasing volume of social networks and communication tools, which is where online media monitoring steps into the mix.
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Brand mentions

Brand mentions can be a make or break moment. Yet, only the largest organisations have the resources available to provide around the clock web monitoring to identify the moment a social media comment or trending topic is published.
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Media monitoring

Media monitoring gives you pole position in your ability to find mentions, show your appreciation, and interact personally with customers who take the time to share testimonials.
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Brand monitoring.

Insightful brand monitoring reports take the guesswork out of promotional campaigns, signposting the platforms where you gain the best traction and eliminating channels that don’t resonate with your key customer profile.

Receiving instant notification of brand mentions and associated keywords directly to your inbox means you know everything said on the internet about your organisation (and competitors) to finesse your reactions or future campaigns accordingly.

 Competitor spying.

Spying might sound unethical – rest assured it’s anything but – and a resource that rival businesses are sure to take advantage of in high competition environments!

The purpose here is to discover as much as possible about competing sales strategies, success rates and engagement tactics and use that information to enhance your own metrics while addressing pain points and differentiating your service offering.

Knowledge is power, and in demanding sectors with slim margins for market share, it can make a substantial difference if you know what your competitors are doing – and how that shapes your USP.

Reputation management.

Reputation is everything in a largely digital world, and oversight of content – positive and negative – gives you the chance to put your best foot forward in dealing with issues, reposting favourable case studies, and celebrating the customers who support your brand.

Perception can be as influential as fact, so you can get out in front of adverse feedback or enhance the impact of favourable comments by knowing who is talking about you and what they’re saying.


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Business intelligence.

Social listening provides a suite of business intelligence to hand you back control over all the posts, tags, reviews and mentions that crop up online about your company, related associates, influencers or affiliate organisations.

Growing your brand is all about knowing how you are perceived, by whom, and why.

Generic engagement tracking brushes only the surface, whereas social listening adds context and data to steer you toward the next steps.

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Social listening services – FAQs.

New to the impact of social listening and brand monitoring?
We’ve got you covered with our FAQs section below, answering all the most commonly asked questions.

Social listening involves monitoring the masses of data available on digital platforms, using technological tracking to capture mentions of your brand, team, or products.

It would be impossible to read every hashtag, every post or every comment, so social listening pinpoints all the mentions that occur away from your own feeds so you can monitor reactions and engage with your customers.

The advantage of social listening is that you proactively seize the opportunity to understand your customer base, grasp their pain points and evaluate better ways to meet their needs.

For example, you could react to a complaint and reach out to offer a resolution, even if the customer hasn’t made direct contact.

You might also recognise somebody who shares a recommendation for your product and use the power of brand advocacy – while ensuring your happy buyer remains a loyal customer.

Brand monitoring and social listening work hand in hand, but they have slightly different applications and purposes.

Social listening functions at a macro level, helping brands research wider customer views or harness relevant topics their audience is talking about.

Brand monitoring is more precise and identifies specific mentions of products, names, tags or hashtags to ensure your marketing or customer support teams offer a suitable response.

The more effort you put into actively engaging with your customers, the better positioned you are to recognise opportunities to appeal to your core demographic.

Social listening allows businesses to influence the content shared about them, how readers perceive the company, and ultimately boost brand perception through fast, agile responses.

To discuss how a dedicated Brand Social Listening could take your promotions to the next level, arrange a call today or drop us a message to start discussions.