Search Engine Optimisation can seem like a daunting task for brands of all shapes, sizes and types. Big numbers and stupendous statistics often make a topic’s natural association reside with large, multinational corporations, but for SEO this is certainly not the case – it is important for even the smallest of business.

SEO is not just for Big Businesses

While the factors that impact how a business ranks on search engine results pages remain the same no matter the type of organisation or its size (in any terms), how it is practiced and its benefits can vary. SEO is by no means something that only large businesses should focus on, but something for any organisation that may have someone searching for it, or for a relevant product or service.

Of course, it is unlikely that many small businesses will have the same level of investment and resource to pour into their SEO management, but this doesn’t mean it should be any less effective. SEO for small businesses has unique benefits also in terms of location targeting, and can support higher ranking for relevant local users rather than larger companies who are unable to demonstrate the same localised focus.

Combined with a Google Business Profile (previously Google My Business) account, correct (and current) SEO improvement activity can gain easy organic ranking for geographically-appropriate users as well as a map entry, full business profile and even above-the-fold contact information and details. Local rankings are extremely effective as the map prominence really stands out amongst the usual text-only formatting. This can be hugely beneficial for those small businesses with bricks-and-mortar locations.

Although larger corporates are likely to have more budget, this isn’t to say that SEO for small businesses should just be a ‘DIY-when-we-have-time’ job. Instead, it should be delegated to a specialist agency for thorough and effective management.

Affordable SEO for Small Business

SEO for smaller businesses tends to be more finely focused and so can easily be managed on a budget that doesn’t impede on other marketing operations. Woya Digital offer pay monthly SEO packages designed to provide great value SEO for small businesses..

Any SEO agency that insists SEO requires vast amounts of money to be invested into it are chasing revenue and not results.

What does SEO ROI look like?

As with everything, what you get out is a reflection of what you put in – so it’s always worth working with specialists and heeding their advice in order to reap the most benefits.

The ROI of SEO for small businesses will translate into an improved bottom line and business growth over time, but further measures can be more easily identified over the short term. These include:

– higher levels of organic traffic to the brand’s website and any other online presence
– higher levels of visibility through more prominent rankings on SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) for related queries (key words or terms)
– higher levels of brand awareness
– more contact queries directed to the business.

SEO efforts should have a discernible impact that can be demonstrated in measured reports within months of their input. SEO is a marketing activity that happens within constantly moving goalposts, so although the journey may not be wholly fluid, it should be always in an upward curve and positive trend. Long term, good SEO will result in higher profits and business growth as well as competitive advantage above others.

Investing in SEO for Small Businesses

The power of SEO for small businesses is often underestimated, because it can seem daunting and complex, as well as considerably time-consuming for organisations who don’t have lots of marketing staff or tech experts to spare. However, as consumer behaviour shifts permanently to increasing online search on mobile devices, SEO cannot be ignored by any business looking to maintain a customer base and gain competitive advantage.

Working with a supportive specialist partner will allow small companies to continue with business-as-usual and rest assured that their online visibility is increasing and exposing their brand, products and services to new relevant audiences.

We take an entirely bespoke approach to every business, managing their SEO in line with their goals and requirements. Monthly reports feed back results achieved and help demonstrate the ‘bang for your buck’, entirely transparently to present value obtained and the ROI gained. Contact the Woya Digital team to discuss how tailored SEO for your small business could help grow your organisation.