Why You Should Invest in a New Website

Why You Should Invest in a New Website

Never compromise with business visibility, especially online for your website. It is the cornerstone of professionalism, providing a first impression and encouraging people to do business with you (or not?). Looking at your current website, ask the question, should you invest in a new website?

Here are a few points to consider when deciding whether you should invest in a new website:

First Impressions Matter

We live in an increasingly tech savvy world (my seven year old ‘Googles’). Customers explore their options by reaching out and searching online for products and services, plus social media platforms for reviews. This makes it integral for any business to have a fantastic website. A branded business website will reflect your company values, professionalism and attitude. What does your website say to potential clients in the first 10 seconds? Try it!

Old Websites Lose Business

A old and poor website will most likely mean that you are losing potential new business. While not having a website at all is a major business failing, having an old or poorly designed website can be more damaging. For a professional business a website is integral for success and improving online visibility will have amazing results.

So What Makes Websites Old Fashioned?

Most of us have encountered websites that look old and tired. It doesn’t take long for technology to become out of date in this fast paced world. For a progressive business, having an awesome website is simply essential, for visibility, increased traffic and ultimately profitability.

Here are a few indicators of an outdated website:

Cluttered Webpages

Initially websites were filled with content affecting the navigation. Businesses are now encouraged in the direction of a simple responsive design that engages the visitor.

Non-Responsive Mobile Layout

This is essential as 60% of Google searches are now on a mobile! How does your website perform on a mobile phone, have you checked? Many businesses don’t focus on a responsive mobile website. While your website may be great on desktop, it is even more important that your site perform well and is easy to navigate or make sales on mobiles.

google mobile searches - new website

Share of online searches initiated on a mobile device, by industry – Source Hitwise

Poor Interface

The interface of a modern website should not feature outdated effects and design. Modern typography, visually pleasing layout and easy to understand text and navigation make up the essence of a modern website.

Why You Should Invest in a New Website?

Here are just a few reasons why a new website would benefit your business:

Improved Conversion

A modern website a lower bounce rate and a better conversion rate. If a website is impressive to a potential customer, there is an increased chance of converting them into a customer. By investing in a new website with the right marketing partner, companies actually contribute to their improved conversion rate. (Remember this doesn’t cost the earth with a #paymonthlywebsite solution from Woya Digital.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are the backbone of any business. With cut-throat competition, you want to offer your customers the best services and retain them as customers. An effective website is a channel for effective and ongoing communication through regular updates and blogs.

Competitive Edge

A new business website will give you an edge over your competitors. When a customer is contemplating the market choice, an impressive and effective website can be the deciding factor.

Search Engine Optimisation

A poorly optimised site can translate into loss of potential business. A new search engine optimised website will improve your ranking on Google. Enabling you to direct more traffic to your site. This is critical to being found online.

Woya digital is a social media marketing agency based in Chichester. We can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet. Our fixed price offering is straightforward and yields results! We are fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO. All paid monthly, with no upfront investment.

The 3 Step Guide to 100 Facebook Page Likes

The 3 Step Guide to 100 Facebook Page Likes

Do you want to promote your latest business venture and need Facebook Page Likes?

Perhaps you’ve been doing stand-up for a while and want greater visibility. Whatever the reason, you’ve decided it’s time to set up a Facebook page and leverage your social standing through Facebook Page Likes.

However, it isn’t always as simple as it looks. Of course, a popular actor only has to tweet out her page and instantly gain a few hundred thousand likes. It probably won’t be that easy for you. In fact, even the initial hundred likes can be a difficult to attain milestone. But don’t fret. This article is going to take you through the basic steps to your first century.

1. Set Up the Page

Before you click on that “Create Page” link, stop and think for a while. Take some time to determine what you want your page to convey to the audience. It’s important to fully understand the essence of your venture first. Say that you’re a stand-up comic. What then is the purpose of your page? Make a list of the goals you want the page to achieve. You may want to reach a wider audience, and to promote events you’re participating in. You may also want to sell merchandise such as T-shirts and mugs. Plan out your page before you actually create it. It is also a good idea to create a stylised logo or customised cover page beforehand. After all, the page is part of your brand, and you want your brand properly represented.

Once you know the scope of the page, create it. Select the type of page you want to create from the list of options, and then give your page a catchy name. Fill out the page in detail – add a picture and cover image, and use the ‘add a button’ widget to allow visitors to easily take actions like making purchases. And don’t make the mistake of leaving the ‘About’ section bland. Make sure it’s as unique and memorable as anything you intend to post if you want genuine Facebook Page Likes.

2. Share it with Your Friends

Most people have sizeable friend lists. Yours probably has at least around 200 people. This is your starting base. Send invites to everyone on your list. Then follow up with close friends, and people who would find your page especially relevant. Send them messages through Facebook Inbox to both Facebook Page Like and Share the page. Do take care to ask them to like the page itself, and not some random post that you have put up. This should net you around 30 to 40 likes at the very least. It’s important, at this and every stage, to regularly update your page with relevant content that will keep viewers interested. The quality of your content is paramount to the success of your page.

3. Use Paid Campaigns

You can get only so far with organic shares. At some point, you will have to invest in a paid campaign in order to increase your reach. Start with £50 to boost a well-liked post to a specific target of customers. Through pay monthly marketing services, you should be able to reach a much larger segment of people who would be interested in your page. We have an article about online advertising on Facebook here.

Need Some Help?

The team at Woya Digital is a social media marketing agency in Chichester, here to help. We offer pay monthly social media solutions that are fully managed and personalised for your success. We can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet.

Our fixed price offering is straightforward and yields results! We are fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO, all paid monthly, with no upfront investment.

Top 10 Features That Make a Successful Pay Monthly Website

Top 10 Features That Make a Successful Pay Monthly Website

With so much content online, it has become quite difficult to bring your business and products to the forefront. However, a successful business does not just depend on ‘fresh content’, though that is one of the biggest factors with a pay monthly website, but what often makes a success are the other small elements to bring in the traffic.

One way to give your business that market boost is to hire an designer or digital marketing agency for a pay monthly website service. Services such as these create a modern market presence through fresh website design taking into account your brand, business information and shaping your online presence to a T. Following are our ten essential features that a website must have in order to run a successful business website:

1. Personalised About Us Page

Today, an ‘About Us’ page has evolved into many categories: history, accolades, achievements and a personal short story. The idea behind an About Us page is to give your potential costumers insight into how you came about your business and what challenges you faced. Adding your personal story allows people to connect with you on an intimate level that build’s trust even before they have approached you.

2. Visible Pricing and a way to buy

If you want your business to reach that goal you have planned, then it needs to have a killer e-commerce platform and the best way to interact with your customers . . . a quote form. Today, it is a must that businesses show pricing and if they have a physical store they mirror this online. What’s the reason?

  1. Great way to advertise your products and services
  2. It brings in more sales
  3. Bigger market presence
  4. More awareness

As for the quote form, this allows you to know about a person and their business before they become your client.

3. FAQ page

Before they ask, you already have the answer, this is the beauty of a well- written FAQ section. Customers appreciate it very much when the answer to their every question is already given and in detail, it shows that you have thought about it. This is the place where you can go crazy and write everything in detail, all the questions you have been asked so far, details on the product and service so that your customer is satisfied and knows you care. Plus you can refer future queries to this page when the question arises, like a answer database.

4. Contact form

The importance for this page cannot be stressed enough! There’s nothing that people hate more than not finding contact information when they want to inquire about a service. Points that must be included are phone numbers and e-mail address (be careful of spam), which people can easily copy. Not having this raises more questions, queries and concerns, quite simply it will probably cost you the sale.

5. Anti-Spam solution

CAPTCHA – Your security partner. All it does is make sure that you are not being scammed by a virus and the person on the other end is a real person. It is easy for a web developer to set up, so insist on this as part of your new pay monthly website.

6. Linked telephone number

Modern websites can easily link telephone numbers, which allow your visitor to call you simply by clicking the link on the telephone number.

Your new pay monthly website should include this feature as standard, not having this makes users switch off and unable to make that snap decision to call!

7. Mobile friendly website

This isn’t even negotiable, if your website is not compatible on a mobile phone, act now! 2017 websites are intelligent enough to know what screen visitors are viewing on and will convert the layout into the right and often very different format to make the content work. This impacts design, so make sure your website has this feature, this is key, as much as 50% of web traffic can be on a mobile in 2017.

8. Create hooks to obtain leads

Lead Magnets are important, period. A real hook would be fantastic content that the visitor wants and would be prepared to provide their email address as a trade. This ‘Download our Super Guide’ or something exciting, new and fresh, make sure that it has ‘fascination bullets’. In modern days a newsletter is not enough and not exactly a lead magnet, it sure does the work in driving in more traffic you need more imagination to appeal to your audience.

9. Links to your social media pages

Remember the bigger market presence? This includes social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, etc. This is a great way to engage and present your target audience with information, which they will enjoy reading.

10. Regular fresh content on your website pushed out to social media via a pay monthly website service

It’s not always about quantity. Post new, ‘quality’ content every week to keep your audience engaged. Use different lead magnets and content types to attract their attention.

These ten features are just the basics that can take your business to the top. Woya is a social media marketing agency offering pay monthly website that offer a business rapid solutions. To know more about their services, call 01243 859 838.

Online Advertising Facebook and Google Tips

Online Advertising Facebook and Google Tips

People use the internet to research and browse almost everything these days.

It makes it the ideal place to market your business and reach out to a larger customer base via online advertising. Facebook and Google Adwords offer a great budget-friendly opportunity for targeted marketing campaigns.

Online Advertising on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook has the potential to change your business. It gives you an opportunity to reach such a large number of people. It’s an ideal advertising option for small business because it doesn’t involve huge costs and you can monitor the success yourself.

One of the benefits of Facebook online advertising is that is allows a targeted audience. By using this feature you can make sure that your advert will reach the right people for your business. You have complete control of the budget by selecting how many people they want their message to reach. This offers flexibility appreciated by small businesses, start-ups and those that want to gain an insight into their audience.

It’s simple to create an online advertising campaign. First, you need to setup a business page on Facebook, filling out your details, adding photos and posting updates. When you start a Facebook ad it will let you set up an objective, such as ‘send people to your website’ or ‘get people to claim your offer’. You will then be able to choose a target audience, selecting a location, age and interests among other options.

You will then select your budget and be shown how increasing or decreasing it will affect estimated reach. Once you’ve set out how you want your ad to look you simply need to place your order.

Top tips for online advertising on Facebook:

  • Have a goal before you start planning your advert. This will allow you to get the most out of our campaign and tailor the content to suit your aim.
  • Build a relationship with your Facebook users too – don’t just bombard them with sales and ads. Get your target audience to keep coming back to your Facebook page after clicking on an ad by providing a range of content.
  • Think about who you want each specific ad to reach and reflect this in who you select as your target audience. Facebook has millions of users so don’t waste your time and budget connecting with people who aren’t your potential customers.

Using Google Adwords

Using Google Adwords is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. It allows you to reach new customers that are specifically searching for businesses or products like yours. Like Facebook, it allows you to reach a targeted audience and control your budget.

There’s more than one way to advertise on Google Adwords, but the most commonly used involves pay per click (PPC) advertising.

Users bid on keywords that are relevant to their business and will then have their website featured to users that have used these keywords.

When you’re setting up your campaign you’ll be able to choose a location that you want to target. It gives you an option to see the competition, the number of monthly searches, along with approximate cost.

This is a useful tool if starting a marketing campaign to try different keywords that will give the best outcome.

Top tips for online advertising via Google Adwords:

  • Carefully select your keywords. Include branded keywords, such as your business’ name and phrases that are specific and targeted eg ‘Chinese restaurant London’.
  • A great deal of online business is now done via mobile devices, make sure your ads are suitable for viewing on mobile phones.
  • Include a call to action in your ad. This could be telling users to download a free report or to take advantage of one of your offers on your website.

Woya digital is a social media marketing agency in Chichester, that can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet, including online advertising. Our fixed price offering is straight forward and yields results! Woya is fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO, all paid monthly, with no upfront investment.

Be Found Online – with Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

Be Found Online – with Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

If you’ve researched creating a website or have set one up already, you’ve no doubt come across search engine optimisation, or SEO.

Effectively using SEO can make your website easier to find online, driving up traffic and business sales but if you’ve not used the technique before, it can leave you perplexed and overwhelmed by terminology.

SEO is basically a technique used to improve a website’s search engine rankings. With so many websites and competing businesses now online, having a robust SEO strategy in place can make a huge difference. After all when was the last time you went to the second or third page of Google’s results? Making your website easier to find can lead to more traffic and more sales, therefore improving your revenue.

Before you start SEO activity on your business’ website make sure it is functional and appeals to your target audience. If it’s not, potential customers will quickly click off it despite finding it. Ensure your content is clear and website is well maintained, not only will broken and invalid links frustrate customers they can affect SEO too.

Regular Updates

Updating regularly is one of the key things a business can do to improve their SEO. Aim to add new content every few days. A simple way to do this is to include a business blog, where you can share business updates, industry news and other content your customers will find interesting and useful. Make sure all your titles, headers and pieces of text are clear and use your keywords in a natural manner. Content should be unique and aim to provide at least 300 words. Mix this up and publish longer pieces sometimes too.

Link Building

Building links can improve SEO as well by establishing your business as trustworthy and a voice of authority. While it can be tempting to spam sites with links to your business go for quality over quantity. The important thing is relevance – a link from your local newspaper or an industry website is more valuable than a 10 free links from general online directories.

A huge amount of online research and business is now done on mobile devices and this isn’t only useful for increasing your sales, it helps with SEO too. Google’s algorithm for instance will consider if your website can be viewed on mobile phones or tablets.

Finally, use analytical tools to see where most of your traffic is coming from. There are lots of free tools online, such as Google Analytics, that can provide you with valuable insight as to what is working and what needs improvement.

Top tips for improving SEO:

  • Use keywords throughout your website. Your keywords should reflect what people would search to find a business like yours.
  • Create a plan for when you will update your website and publish new content and stick to it. How frequently your website is updated has a large impact on its search engine rankings.
  • Monitor your success and make sure you keep an eye on what is working. The internet is constantly evolving and your SEO strategy should too, check out how search engines are changing their algorithms and reflect this in your techniques

Woya digital is a social media marketing agency in Chichester, that can assist companies of all sizes, anywhere, promote themselves through the internet. Our fixed price offering is straightforward and yields results! We are fantastic at social media management, website design and SEO, all paid monthly, with no upfront investment.