If you’ve researched creating a website or have set one up already, you’ve no doubt come across search engine optimisation, or SEO.

Effectively using SEO can make your website easier to find online, driving up traffic and business sales but if you’ve not used the technique before, it can leave you perplexed and overwhelmed by terminology.

SEO is basically a technique used to improve a website’s search engine rankings. With so many websites and competing businesses now online, having a robust SEO strategy in place can make a huge difference. After all when was the last time you went to the second or third page of Google’s results? Making your website easier to find can lead to more traffic and more sales, therefore improving your revenue.

Before you start SEO activity on your business’ website make sure it is functional and appeals to your target audience. If it’s not, potential customers will quickly click off it despite finding it. Ensure your content is clear and website is well maintained, not only will broken and invalid links frustrate customers they can affect SEO too.

Regular Updates

Updating regularly is one of the key things a business can do to improve their SEO. Aim to add new content every few days. A simple way to do this is to include a business blog, where you can share business updates, industry news and other content your customers will find interesting and useful. Make sure all your titles, headers and pieces of text are clear and use your keywords in a natural manner. Content should be unique and aim to provide at least 300 words. Mix this up and publish longer pieces sometimes too.

Link Building

Building links can improve SEO as well by establishing your business as trustworthy and a voice of authority. While it can be tempting to spam sites with links to your business go for quality over quantity. The important thing is relevance – a link from your local newspaper or an industry website is more valuable than a 10 free links from general online directories.

A huge amount of online research and business is now done on mobile devices and this isn’t only useful for increasing your sales, it helps with SEO too. Google’s algorithm for instance will consider if your website can be viewed on mobile phones or tablets.

Finally, use analytical tools to see where most of your traffic is coming from. There are lots of free tools online, such as Google Analytics, that can provide you with valuable insight as to what is working and what needs improvement.

Top tips for improving SEO:

  • Use keywords throughout your website. Your keywords should reflect what people would search to find a business like yours.
  • Create a plan for when you will update your website and publish new content and stick to it. How frequently your website is updated has a large impact on its search engine rankings.
  • Monitor your success and make sure you keep an eye on what is working. The internet is constantly evolving and your SEO strategy should too, check out how search engines are changing their algorithms and reflect this in your techniques

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