Having an online business presence is imperative, but just having a website is not enough – your website must deliver everything users are looking for when they visit it (or they will just leave the site). It is essential that your website design and content provides the user with a great website User Experience (UX).

What is User Experience?

User Experience is the term used to explain a users interaction with any product or service, which will result in the individual feeling either positive or negative toward it. This encompasses all aspects of the usage of the product or service – which for the purpose of this article is your business’ website.

The User Experience includes both usage and perception – the ease of use and efficiency of  the website, as well as the way it looks and makes the user feel. Initial negative perception of a website can sometimes be altered should the user go on to experience it fully and find it positive – but realistically, most users won’t continue on a site they don’t think is of use to them and will click away without spending any time navigating it.

What Makes a Good UX?

A good User Experience delivers exactly what the user wants, when they want it and how they want it. This means that the design of the website should be intuitive and uncomplicated. The website should load quickly (incredibly important!), include all of the content a user expects it to contain, and be easy to navigate and understand.

For a website’s User Experience to be positive, the basics need to be in place. Surpassing expectations and including aspects to really delight the user can be applied after the foundations are laid and the site works exactly the way it should.

If you’re really looking to ensure that you deliver a great website User Experience to your audience every time that they visit your site, you may wish to consider hiring a specialist User Experience Designer. These professionals are able to predict a user’s interactions and journey through your website, and tailor its design for maximum UX satisfaction.

Why a Website User Experience is Important

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to wait ages for a website to load, and then not being able to find what you’re looking for, and (crucially) the website not being optimised for mobile. Users will quickly leave the site and head somewhere else. Chances are that what they’re looking for can be found elsewhere … on your competitor’s site instead.

Aside from being a driver away from your online presence, a poor website User Experience can give the perception of unprofessionalism, negate the call to action from your marketing, result in a loss of competitive advantage, and essentially result in loss of sales.

Basic UX Aspects to Easily Introduce to your Website

There’s are basics that can be applied simply to your website for immediate UX improvement:

  • Removing any large images or files that are slowing loading time
  • Ensuring the ‘look and feel’ of your website is consistent to your brand aesthetics
  • Sense-check all copy for any typos or errors
  • Click through all links (both internal and external) on the site and make sure they all work
  • Check the formatting of your site works on mobile browsers
  • Install an analytics software program into your website’s coding to track user journeys through your site
  • Ask your audience! Check in with a few people to see what they’d expect to find on your business website, and what they would change

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